Indigenous Health - National Partnership Agreement - Closing the Gap: Indigenous Early Childhood Development

Through this Agreement, the Parties are committed to:

a) improving developmental outcomes for Indigenous children and achieving key targets as agreed by COAG;  b) achieving sustained improvements in pregnancy and birth outcomes for Indigenous women and infants; c) improving Indigenous families’ use of the early childhood development services they need to optimise the development of their children; and d) implementing this National Partnership in a way that also contributes to COAG’s social inclusion, early childhood development, education, health, housing, and safety agendas, by identifying reforms and models of service delivery that will improve outcomes for Indigenous children. The attached integrated policy framework is a basis for developing future reforms by all governments in Indigenous early childhood development (see Schedule A).

Prime Minister and Cabinet
Total funding
Agreement type
National Partnership Agreement
Start date
2 July 2009
End date
30 June 2014
Expired agreement