Guide to drafting new agreements


A number of Circulars have been developed to provide guidance to Commonwealth and state agencies.

The first two Circulars outline the Federation Funding Agreements (FFA) Framework, and drafting FFA Schedules. The third Circular provides examples of the Council on Federal Financial Relations' role in schedule development for Commonwealth portfolio agencies to assist in drafting new schedules. They are provided below:

  • Circular No. 2021/01
    The Federation Funding Agreements Framework [PDF 231KB]
  • Circular No. 2021/02
    Guidance on drafting Federation Funding Agreement Schedules [PDF 207KB]
  • Circular No. 2021/03
    Examples of CFFR’s role in developing funding schedules [PDF 194KB]

Quick reference guide

  • Navigating the Federation Funding Agreements (FFA) process
    This one pager provides guidance to Commonwealth agencies who are developing policy proposals that involve payments to the states or need to draft an agreement. [PDF 398 KB]

Federation Funding Agreements (FFA)

Sectoral FFAs
Federation Funding Agreement PDF
Health 354KB
Education and Skills 346KB
Infrastructure 325KB
Environment 334KB
Affordable Housing, Community Services and Other 325KB
FFA Schedule templates
Schedule Bilateral/simple multilateral [DOCX] Multilateral [DOCX]
Health 44KB 48KB
Education and Skills 44KB 48KB
Infrastructure 44KB 48KB
Environment 44KB 48KB
Affordable Housing, Community Services and Other  44KB 48KB