The Council on Federal Financial Relations

The Council on Federal Financial Relations (CFFR), comprising the Commonwealth Treasurer as Chair and all state and territory treasurers, is responsible for overseeing the financial relationship between the Commonwealth and state and territory governments.

CFFR collaborates on all intergovernmental financial matters and oversees the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations (IGA FFR).

A key element of CFFR’s work as the gatekeeper of the Federation Funding Agreements (FFA) Framework is progressing schedules to the FFA, and providing central oversight of the system. CFFR is also responsible for broad economic and fiscal issues, deregulation, and legislative oversight of GST operations.

CFFR has helped drive the response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, by facilitating collaboration between the Commonwealth and states and territories to better prepare jurisdictions in considering their fiscal and economic responses. Alongside this role, CFFR has also supported the National Cabinet’s job creation agenda by progressing a range of targeted deregulatory reforms.

CFFR reports to the National Cabinet under the Australian Federal Relations Architecture. CFFR meets on a similar basis to the National Cabinet, or as required, and operates under National Cabinet operating principles. CFFR is supported by the Heads of Treasuries, comprising the Secretary of the Commonwealth Treasury and state counterparts.

Treasurers, First Ministers and the Prime Minister are also members of the National Federation Reform Council (NFRC), which provides an opportunity for leaders and Treasurers to focus on national federation issues.

For information about the outcomes from CFFR meetings please visit the Treasurer's website.

For information about the outcomes from National Cabinet meetings please visit the Prime Minister of Australia website.

For information on the Australian Federal Relations Architecture, National Cabinet and the National Federation Reform Council, please see Effective Commonwealth-state Relations.

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