Schools Pathways Program

The purpose of this Schedule to support the implementation of the Schools Pathways Program (SPP), a key initiative of the Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy. SPP’s purpose is to raise students' awareness of possible career opportunities and knowledge of defence industry and defence industry pathways, whilst encouraging student involvement and participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), that will lead to an increase in the pool of young people with the knowledge and skills to pursue defence industry careers.

The long term benefits to Defence of the SPP are to:

  1. educate Australia's youth about the employment pathways and opportunities available in the Australian defence industry sector;
  2. contribute to the development of appropriately skilled workforce and raise awareness of the Australian defence industry sector as a growing, rewarding and viable industry to work in; and

improve defence industry's competitiveness by increasing the pool of young people ready to move from school into further education and apprenticeships, internships, scholarships and part-time work/study combinations, relevant to defence industry.

Total funding
Agreement type
FFA - Education and Skills
Program stream
Start date
30 January 2021
End date
30 June 2022
Expired agreement